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I don’t normally chime in on baby/infant photos, to me they all look too much alike when it comes to posing, but I understand why.

Since this type of photography is not my area of expertise, I wanted to convey just my opinion in hopes it will be somewhat constructive and helpful to you.

I like to see infant photos with some contrast to the background where the subject [the infant] does not just blend into the scenery.
Image 1This one is nice but lacking something. I think the BG is just plain and boring, but the pose of the baby is okay.

Image 2 Again, the baby pose is a typical pose but is just okay, just does not have that pow, but the parents will just love it.

Image 3 This is a great example of a BG that has good contrast that is not conflicting with the subject. The BG is busy but not distracting, and not a pattern which can cause deviation from your subject.

Image 4 This one would be better if the BG and the foreground where not so close in color or of the blanket was a different color. The photo is nice but too much of it blends into itself.

Don’t get me wrong, your photos are nice, the focus from what I see is good, but sometimes the choice in colors make the final image a little muted and lacks a little pop.

The first Image looks a little on the cool side and angled/slanted to the right, not sure if that was your intention or not. Besides that, the color combination definitely creates good separation and looks good.

Keep Shooting!