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Sharra, your response does make more sense, and was written respectfully. So I do appreciate that.

I guess this is just one of those sites that, well, obviously is made to mock bad photography (and the things that go along with it, as one example, taking a client to a place where they are trespassing).

Yes the name change was purely for fun. I saw that it had changed across other comments I had made in other forum topics. Some people in these threads have created multiple accounts- I’ve only ever had one. My login name is still the same, just the display named changed. I honestly don’t even go on these boards much anymore, as most of the photography discussions I participate in are on some of the Facebook groups I’m part of.

For what it’s worth (if anything here), I have always been more level-headed than my peers and not a part of that “out of control” group you mentioned.

Your earlier comment came off as accusatory and assumptive. But not the next comment.

The reason I told that girl “nevermind” was because she kept bantering with me saying it was fine because they were just near a railroad crossing, and she wasn’t getting it that it didn’t matter. I think she could have responded with “Ok, thanks for the info, I wasn’t aware that it was illegal.” That was really all I was going for as the group had a lot of amateur models and photographers who probably don’t know that either.

As far as the railroad thing, another death just occurred to a photographer because of it. Although, his situation he was clearly being extra stupid- he was on a rail bridge over a highway and the tracks took a blind curve just past the bridge. He was apparently taking photos of a model. I guess the model was fine but the photog died. There are definitely railroad tracks that are pretty foolproof and safe if you DID want to shoot on them, like straight tracks where you can see a mile in either direction. But after thinking about it more I’ve realized that it’s over-used and cliche. I get the leading line thing, but there are other settings that can create the same leading lines. Just the threat of a fine for being on the tracks is enough to keep me away. In some other discussions I have heard that the rail industry has used photos they found on the internet as evidence to fine someone, so they don’t even need to catch you at the time you are on the tracks.