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Fstopper89, as a PROFESSIONAL software developer, I know EXACTLY how forums work, so you don’t need to tell me that changing your name affects ALL posts, because EVERY forum post is tied to a database of some type or another where the content is associated with a user id and that id is, in turn, associated with a login name. Thus, changing the login name will affect ALL your forum posts because of the relationship login name <-> user id <-> content. Almost everything online operates that way, otherwise sites like eBay and Amazon would be unacceptably slow and they would never be able to keep track of your past and present activity in a manner that would be acceptably responsive to their clients.

That aside, you are free to change your login to whatever you choose. It does give the impression, however, that maybe you had said something someone or a small group found offensive in the past and you wanted to distance yourself from that and perhaps you thought a name change might hide you from previous comments. I’m not saying that’s what happened and I’m happy you understand that the name change means nothing other than satisfying your own whims. I’m just expressing an opinion, nothing more.

I NEVER said anything about you calling yourself a professional in terms of providing a service for money, no matter how much of a percentage that service contributes to your yearly income that you report to Scott Walker or Barack Obama. There are many people who work multiple jobs, whether it be out of enjoyment or necessity. The word “professional” can be defined as

“engaging in an activity for gain or as a means of livelihood”

Your means of livelihood is obviously your M-F job, so the photography aspect of your income is the GAIN that you enjoy and can provide a service that your clients are willing to pay for. I have no problem with that—all the more power to you if you can do that. With my own M-F job providing software for the betterment of clients running their own businesses and family commitments with organized sports, etc., I would love to have more time to put into my own photographic efforts and be able to profit from it. But I’m perfectly content to preserve family memories.

The issue I have here is you seem to have missed the word “decorum” in my previous post, which is defined as

“dignified propriety of behaviour, speech, dress, etc.”

When you start a thread about trying to “educate not only her, but anyone else viewing the page/photos”, and continue to argue with her, you are not displaying that quality AS A PROFESSIONAL SHOULD. Publishing her photo only makes it worse for you as your credibility comes into question. If the subject was photographing on railroad track, then why post the photo of the girl for all the world on YANAP to see? She is NOT the subject, only the instrument of your frustration. It should have been enough to have the attitude “OK, I told her it was illegal any why, so it’s not my problem if they get caught and fined.” If that happened, you likely wouldn’t have heard about it anyway unless it was relatively close to you or it became regional, national, or international news because of a serious breech of the railroad company’s interests or assets. Is shooting on tracks illegal? Yes. Is it cliché? Sure. But I have a couple shots of my own on tracks because I liked the leading lines and vanishing point. I most certainly would have kept my distance if any type of train had been on the tracks moving at any speed. If any railroad personnel had been present and asked me to leave, complying would not have been an issue. Pleading innocence might help in my favour, too. I’m sure you’ve seen shots of rail yards at shipping ports or within cities, maybe even within your own. Are those illegal? Not if they’re sanctioned by the owners of the property. But with all that said, if I’m scorned by you and others here for being anywhere NEAR tracks or for anything I say here, then so be it—I am certainly not going to lose sleep over it.

The bottom line is that I’m to EDUCATE YOU on proper photographic and PROFESSIONAL etiquette. IF “89” is the year you were born, then being 24 or 25 is being at the tail end of complete brain development. Please don’t think I’m challenging your intellect because that is NOT what I’m doing. It is well known and documented that people in their teens and early twenties are responsible for a lot of rash behaviour, be it out of control fraternity or sorority partie, criminal behaviour, or something completely different. And, no, I’m NOT saying everyone in that age category is part of that, nor am I saying you are part of that group. But I will say you are on the cusp of it and you certainly have room to grow. If you want to call me a bitch for saying any of this, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I’ve certainly been called worse, but I move on and I try to help those whenever I can. If you can’t accept that or choose to ignore it outright, there’s not much more I can do except take the attitude that I tried to tell what I felt was wrong and it really doesn’t matter beyond that what you choose to do with it. I can only hope my advice makes you a better person.

Anyway, I feel I’ve written a small book here. I could have simply responded with “Nevermind. LOL” and let you have a taste of your own medicine, but I thought trying to reason with you might be a better approach. I’m not saying I’m the Ann Landers of advice, because I know I’m FAR from perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I’m not going to let this become a back-and-forth argument/discussion between us and with anyone else who chooses to comment. If you want the last word, you’re welcome to have it, but as far as I’m concerned, this stops here. If you choose to respond, please consider your words carefully and try to preserve your credibility before voicing your thoughts.

‘Nuff said.