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Sharra, only reason I changed my name is because it sounded more interesting to a photography subject. Just did that on a whim. My comments still show up under the new name in all the threads.

What exactly is wrong with my statement on not making a large portion of my yearly income on photography yet still being a professional photographer? Is there something indicating that the work I do is not professional? I have a business and provide professional work, but I work M-F as well.

And me starting a “bullying” thread- this is a site based around crappy photography. I wasn’t bullying them. I posted some more links to crappy photography and others did the same.

The reason I posted a comment on her photos in that group regarding railroad tracks was to try to educate not only her, but anyone else viewing the page/photos. I didn’t bring up that the photos were bad because she was not the photographer. The subject was on photographing on railroad tracks. I even told her that I once shot some photos of a friend (not a paying client!) a few years ago on some railroad tracks before I knew it was illegal or that hefty fines could be involved. When another photographer saw the photos he informed me of this and I removed the images from the internet because my friend is a police officer (he didn’t even realize how being on the tracks was illegal; they were behind his wooded property) and I didn’t want to do something to inadvertently jeopardize  his job, or get myself in trouble.