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From another thread on defining a professional: “I don’t make a large portion of my yearly income on photography (I have a full-time job besides) but I am also a professional photographer.”

Ah, yes…this from someone who started the longest “bullying” thread on YANAP and who isn’t content being browneyedgirl89 anymore because fstopper89 sounds more photographically professional? A large part of being professional involves decorum but when I see you posting a pic of someone out of spite just because she wouldn’t listen to you about railroad tracks, all I see is insecurity. No, she won’t be on the cover of Vogue, but neither will 99.999999% of the general population, both you and me included. Words like “not trying to cause an argument” will do exactly that as evidenced by your description of what happened afterwards and I would bet my house that you were just chomping at the bit to “bring up how bad the photos were.” Thank God you had the decency to leave well enough alone.