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Since there seems to be no easy way to see a portfolio I’ve only seen about a dozen shots or so. A couple issues stood out to me such as green images at the wedding (the green leaves on the trees will create a green colour cast which needs correcting), shooting posed shots in hard dappled sunlight (never a good idea), a couple of shots which simply weren’t in proper focus, excessive amount of space above subject (lots of shots), very distracting chromatic aberrations which are pretty easily removed (shot of girl in train yard, not a great place to shoot btw unless you plan on getting run over) and some overexposure of face (kid with piercing blue eyes, all definition in the face has been lost), not so straight horizons. That is just a little laundry list of things that could be sorted out. Also, what is the ape doing in there?

While I’m personally not a fan of the washed out low contrast look you are going for you are at least pretty consistent with it but a couple of shots you’ve suddenly gone for high contrast which stands out in a bad way. You have some odd editing going on where a couple of shots there appears to be lots of smoothing that has removed most of the detail in the shot. None of your shots seem particularly sharp but I wonder if that is the website or your editing doing it. Some are obviously not sharp because focus is off but none of the shots have that crispness I would expect from a pro. If it is as simple asyour website doing it, then at least it is an easy fix.

If you consider yourself to be a fauxtog, please don’t do weddings unless you feel you know what you are doing. It doesn’t matter if someone’s portrait session doesn’t pan out perfectly but if you can’t deliver a consistent result stay away from the weddings. Have you got insurance?