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Oh no! And your blog has some uncredited photos that aren’t your own, and some uncredited articles and other text that was copied and pasted. Lmao. Why? That’s so very odd and deceitful (And against the law)
I find it so very bizarre that you put out this whole fake persona out there, kind of trying to emulate more established photographers. Why is it not ok to market yourself honestly. Use your photography, your thoughts, your feelings etc. don’t you think that would not only be more honest, but so very much more productive and beneficial to you and your photography, and your clients, than trying to copy/paste/buy/click yourself into some cookie cutter tog with a blog? I don’t expect you to answer me, but. I sure wish you could, because it truly baffles me as to why any photographer would ever not want their photography to be about their photography, their learning process, their experiences, etc. what’s the point exactly? Who’s this for?

Ummm yeah, spend a little more time and energy on learning the basics, rather than all the weird, fake, dishonest marketing stuff that you’re doing, and then I can say your headed down the right path. But so far your headed further down the faux hole than even I realized at first glance.