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I agree with all that nes pointed out.
Color management seems to be an area where you don’t quite have a handle. Are you properly calibrated? Custom white balance? Or is WB something you adjust in post? I’m not completely convinced it’s a WB issue though, could possibly be the use of premade actions that are wonking things up. I went ahead and checked your Facebook to get a better feel of how your sessions are as a whole, and yeah, your colors and tonality change quite a bit not only within sessions, but as a whole as well. Looks very… Florabella, the best actions ever, cream latte, jazzy jazz filter, buy me and be awesome too, actiony to me. It’s just all over the place. Your eyes are quite over done in a few shots as well, and look kind of strange.

Don’t do portraits on railroad tracks, and if you feel you must, don’t show them off. There are a few reasons for this. Go ahead and google a bit.

I like that you are honest about both your skill set, and “prices” with your audience. Very refreshing. Keep shooting, lay back on the actions/editing, and work on getting consistency in your exposures and colors, and I bet you find you won’t need those silly actions as much as you might think.  I think you’ll do just fine