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Good. It’s looks like she has more than just me being her watchdog. I’ve been a fan of the photostealers blog for quite a while, and one thing that you see very often is business name changes. Sometimes after being featured on the blog, but sometimes there will be multiple business names behind them before the feature, because they most likely ran into trouble before. It wouldn’t surprise me if she opened up shop soon under a new name. Hopefully with no stolen content, but realistically… 8 times out of 10 they keep up with the stealing, and fraudulent behavior.
Bigger names don’t have that luxury, so they just diligently delete everything and anything related to their thievery, in the hopes that it will blow over. Some do this and actually continue copying and pasting, infringing, using unlicensed music, what have you. I don’t think these people understand how the Internet works or somthing. Because if you steal, you WILL eventually get caught, there it is for the world to see. Using other people’s work to market yourself, is like robbing a store and videotaping your acts and putting it on YouTube. Freakin stupid. And since stealing others creative work is the lowest thing any creative could ever do, you instantly lose any and all credibility you may have in your field.