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It reinforces my understanding of why some photogs are short with their critiques, and only elaborate when asked. I may have to stay away from offering any criticism for a while so I don’t just say “yep, you’re a fauxtographer”, without any explanation.

But, then I remember that these critiques/posts are also read by people looking for laughs and ALSO by some looking for help. Your critique was well written and spot on, and it was worth your time. Even if it didn’t help the OP, it most likely helped someone else.

When I first started getting more serious, and it was time to start printing I had a heck of a time figuring it all out. I didn’t know anything about preparing files for labs, color profiles, or anything about color managing at all. I thought I could just send my files off anywhere and get back a perfect photograph. It was forums and posts and discussions like what we have here at YANAP that helped me get through my calibration, color managing, printing nightmare. If I hadn’t had forums/posts to read on the subject it would have taken me a lot longer to figure out, and I would have went even more insane (and broke lol) than I already had. Same could be said for basic and even more advanced composition techniques, editing, exposure, focus, business, pricing, fonts, layout, etc all the things we talk about here and try to help people correct and perfect.

It’s never a waist of time offering critisim. With that said though… I’m still taking a break lol just to angry to want too help anyone.