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She’s taken her site down, and has apologized to at least one photographer that I know of. She also removed the post on Facebook using stolen images, and removed the images from her album, but only after she was asked to publicly on her Facebook wall.

Bobbie, maybe you should have listened to that mean, awful, honest lady here on YANAP and saved yourself some embarrassment? Maybe, just maybe if I was right about this, I might be right about the other things I mentioned in your critique? Maybe? Maybe others were right as well? Maybe we were honest and open with you, and not big ol meanie bullies for saying you have things to work on?

Just know, I’ll be keeping my eye on you (thieves are usually repeat offenders) even when I’m blocked, I can still see your page, I can still see your website, and I can still contact people you stole from. I can still take screen shots and send you into the photo stealers blog as well.

Time to start being a legit, honest, and hard working photographer like you claim to be.