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ok Bobby,

You’re kind of pissing me off over here.

QUIT stealing other people’s hard work and passing it off as your own!

First blog post was taken from here

Lifestyle Family Sessions are BACK. But!


second blog post taken from here



Third post is taken from here


and is a big fat lie.  You shoot and share because you want things to be easier and because you don’t know how to sell.  you DO also realize that to have this business model be the least bit successful you have to charge more up front per session/event?  a LOT more. (but that’s neither here nor there)


forth blog post taken from here

Pricing & Experience


Your lifestyle session information was taken from here



Your elopement information taken from here



Senior information taken from here



even your  “about me”  is stolen



This is after you came here and were told not to do this, and to be yourself and to not be dishonest

YOU ARE A FRAUD!  You have a lot of guts coming here and waisting our time on your photography only to continue trying to rip people off.  WTF?!  Who does that?!


Have you ever read this blog?

Sara-Anne Photography


This entry might be of interest to you as will many others.  Do you want to end up featured on the blog yourself?  Keep doing what you are doing and chances are you WILL be.  I’m ready to submit you to the admin if your stolen content isn’t removed immediately.  So put on those big girl panties and clean your act up!