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And Bobbie, if you still feel you are in free mode (I agree that you are) because you haven’t quite got the skill set yet, there’s no need to be in business, have a page and a blog and market and all that jazz.  You can shoot for free or hire  models when you need to and can afford to, and you don’t have a business page or website, or a logo, or gimmicks.  Just ask for help when you need it and want to try something new, or work on something in particular.  Take the pressure off yourself and allow yourself to be an amateur for awhile.  Shoot for yourself and for your own experiences.  Give yourself time to figure out what you really want and like to do.  Then come back strong and ready with confidence to sell a service that you know you are proud to offer to people, and with the ability to sell it using your own words, and wonderful images.