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Yes Eyedoc

My brain fart above where I thought she had a different bio and whatnot because I had read someone else’s along with hers earlier in the day and got confused… Well she was “portfolio building”. She made it clear to the public that she was was new to business and needed more experience, and educated her clientele with shared posts, blog entries, etc. She was an LLC. Her portfolio building prices for sessions were $150 non refundable, with a portion of the money to go towards their print purchase. Her clients not only know that they are using someone inexperienced, but also that her prices will eventually increase as her skills/experience improve and she’s ready to start being profitable, and she’s also seeking second shooter experience like the OP (and since she’s honest, she’s actually getting it) There’s no contests, like ladders, silliness, going on on her wall or her blog at all. Her clients know what they will get when they hire her, know that if they aren’t satisfied they will receive a reshoot, know what they are paying for, and they learn from her about costs and value. Yes, she may have went in just slightly prematurely, (although she had some lovely photos in her port, her consistency just isn’t there yet, and like the above poster she has some color management issues and whatnot) but she seems to have a good understanding of the business, isn’t selling herself short, is honest with her clients/audience, and in no way devaluing portrait photography services, which creates a great starting point for herself, and helps the industry as a whole.

For the life of me I can’t find her again though. I’m beginning to think I was dreaming. Maybe I was?