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For the most part they are technically good. I think you could find compositions and angles that are a bit more compelling, but they aren’t horrible either. I would also study more about light and choosing the best times to take outdoor photos. Generally speaking, early morning and late evening light = good. mid day light = bad. Lastly, when showing your work, eliminate redundant photos. For example, two similar owl photos side by side or a color and b&w version of the same photo isn’t necessary. Only include the photos that are the best. Once you progress farther, you can also start to think about narrowing your efforts to only one or two different genres.

Not a bad start. Keep studying and practicing. Find an experienced mentor (this is so very important. One hour with a good mentor is worth watching 1,000 youtube tutorials).

Finally, if you continue to practice, be prepared to look back at these a year from now and feel horrified. That will be the ultimate sign that you are properly progressing.