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I was referring to the one of the all-time greatest skits (post 1980, that is) on Saturday Night Live with guest host Christopher Walken, a scene that has taken on a life all it’s own. The magic created by this is that people to this day think all the characters in the episode were real and that this actually happened.

The bit was a spoof on VH1’s Behind the Music here in the US that rose to fame from the ‘how we did it, behind the scenes, home-movie-genre’ with various artists speaking extemporaneously about their rise (or fall) in the music world and a peak at the shows that make them famous (or infamous, as the case may be).

The skit on SNL was on an all-fiction account of Blue Oyster Cult and their cut of the track Don’t Fear the Reaper with Will Ferrell as the flamboyant hipster Gene Frenkle (to whom we learn at the end of the clip the video was dedicated – meanwhile he never existed). The only REAL character who was portrayed (albeit somewhat inaccurately via Walken’s poetic license) is Bruce Dickinson (played by Walken) who just a digitally re-mastering specialist at Sony who happened to work on the Blue Oyster Cult songs in the 90’s.

A great writeup of the bit and the lead singer’s comments can be found here:

More Cowbell! A Salute to the Late Great Gene Frenkle