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I’m on the fence about canvas, I have an A2 I got printed from my old 350D that looks ok. It is a landscape picture and the only decent shot I got of the mountain I named after the missus (long story) so she was pleased when that went on the wall. The second one is an A1 I got printed from my old 40D with some cherry blossoms which looks nice. For both these the canvas has done pretty well to both give a bit of texture to the subject but also cover up imperfections from the low res crop sensors. I don’t know why people would want canvas for portraits though. For example my mountainscape the grass looks a lot more interesting because it has texture, the mountains look more interesting and the sky isn’t so obviously grainy as it would have been on a normal print. That said I haven’t gotten my photos printed on expensive canvas but rather the livingsocial offer ones where the two combined with postage has been less than £50