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Canvas: you know what? I don’t like it. I don’t even like the idea of it. JMO, but canvas was meant to grab paints, not smooth ink depicting a photograph. Look at most well done paintings. Do you see the canvas texture when they are done? No, you see the texture of paint the artist put there by using the canvas texture as a tool to build from. I just aesthetically find it all kinds of wrong to put just one layer of “paint” on a canvas. This said, I know I’m weird, and canvas is super popular for photos right now, and I’m by far in the minority by feeling the way I do. I do like how a canvas print looks on a wall though. The way it pops out and looks substantial. I make/order a lot of standouts for this very reason.

Perfection? Ugh! I wish! I just want acceptable. Ok that’s not true. I want my prints at home to look like the prints I order from the lab, or even better. I want it to look like it’s supposed to. Better than on screen, how they were meant to be. But, I swear! When I print, the darn things look like generic CMYK. Drives me nuts! But I only have some kodak glossy to play with, and the print menu makes my brain hurt lol. I’ll get it though, or die trying. Thanks a lot guys, better paper in my future and possibly some printer calibration for my picky OCD self. I watched a class on creative live about color managing. Can’t remember the teacher’s name, but I loved it! I was glued to his every word. LOL pretty sad when it’s such a dry subject, but He knows his shit. And it hit home that I want that control over my “art”. I may purchase the class. Someday I’ll be making my own products from beginning to end. That’s my goal. Be a weird old lady with an out building full of prints/products, photographs people can hold and display.