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Worst Case Scenario

* Canvas is pure concentrated evil.

He speaketh the truth.

I spent 20 years running a lab, making colour and B/W prints, slaving over smelly chemicals in total darkness. I’d make gorgeous prints from utter crap exposures from so called professionals and when they picked up their prints they  won’t even notice.

The same thing is true today. 99% of the worlds population won’t know good colour if it hit them. Take a look at all the TV’s in a large store. They all have a different colour picture on them. How many of the people who buy them will alter the colour when they get it home? And why should they, when the TV programs have crap colour anyway.

When I’m at friends I’ll often check out my website on their computers. The B/W portraits are great for showing colour casts. I’ve seen everything from green and white to purple and white. And if you mention that they can’t be seeing colours correctly, they don’t care.

So making a print might be the best way to show the world what colour you were aiming for, but generally the world doesn’t care.

I tell you this, not to make you stop trying, (I still print anything that I want to display).  But you need to realize that getting a print that exactly matches your screen is next to impossible. And even if you manage it, no one will notice.

That said, if you have any specific questions about printing, let me know.

And for the others in the UK. I use DSCL in Manchester for my prints up to 12×16. ( anything bigger we print our selves) there service is excellent and there prices are tiny.