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In regards to canvas; I didn’t mean to say not to do it, I meant if you want to get a decent print without frustration bypass it.  It is prone to printer head strikes that will destroy your investment and force you to print again (yes, I know the correct way to load heavy media).  Actually, all heavy media (310gsm+) requires you to finesse the print, this doesn’t take away from it, but is merely a consideration.  My go to paper for Epson or Canon printers is Illford’s Gold Fibre Silk 310gsm, it works very well on black and whites/monotones – it does not do well with color.  For color I generally go with Epson’s Galeie premium luster paper; it’s not the best as far as it’s color profile, but it provides good returns on quality for the economy.  Also note Canon users, if you desire to use Epson papers with your printers you will have to create custom profiles, epson does not provide .icc profiles for them.  Further, be aware when printing B&W acquiring a good RIP will enhance the ink output on the final print.

Ok, printing is a pain, but not horrible.  It’s like a long math equation; break it down into smaller problems, expect to spend time and realize that if you keep plugging away you’ll get what you’re looking for.

Best of luck in your prints!