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I really like the concept of canvas, but since I’ve never seen a canvas print in person, only paintings, I can’t really decide one way or the other. I enjoy a well mounted and framed print – but I’ve never put any of my work through a pro lab yet. I’ve been trying to figure out how the hell to work color profiles to send my tests into Simply Color, who I signed up with in the spring. Working on an uncalibrated monitor is killing me, since I do most my work on my laptop. I can appreciate color, it’s why I got both my TV’s professionally calibrated (they’re plasmas and look so much richer now!) but sometimes it’s so jarring moving from the tv to the laptop to my phone or tablet. The differences are so drastic even with images I know are done well on a pro’s site.

I definitely wish I had looked into printing sooner. I certainly hope learning can help the way I see colors and appreciate exposures sooc.