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Here is my critique.  The originally posted link with fatpunkphotos did nothing for me.  I had to go back 3-4 pages to find a photo I really liked.  I will say the first picture of the drift sequence around the corner was nice, but then I went pages before I found something else I liked.  The landscape shots at the bottom of page 1 were dull and totally uninteresting to me.

I will say that I was much more interested in the Japan Faves folder.  That set had a lot more photos that caught my eye and interested me.  I liked the wide shots, the landscapes, F-22 and the car photos there.  They were properly exposed and were interesting locations.  You didn’t have nearly as many shots suffering from underexposure or softness like the first link had.  I would not say you are a “fauxtog”, but you still have some things to learn.  Skin tones seem to suffer from being too red or too blue depending on the subject.  But this is more nitpicking than anything.  I would not imagine you would have to worry about showing up on this site.

One word of advice though for you.  Please proofread.  Your posts on here are pretty bad, but even your posts on fatpunk have terrible spelling issues.  Threw instead of through.  No capitalization or punctuation to speak of.  Things like that.  The blog format itself is not bad, but the way it was written seemed very amateur in my opinion.  Just something to consider.  Unrelated to your photography itself, but definitely a perception issue.