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cameraclicker… THANKS!

as for needing the dslr… you get it… to a T.

most people think that they MUST HAVE… or NEED… a dslr camera to be a photographer.  I won my 3rd comp with a point and shoot canon

its about the image… not about the tools used.


Worst Case… most of my stuff is a bit on the darker side… i kind of like the darker look. But then again, your monitor could probably use a calebration. Who knows.  I know on my laptop next to me they look a bit washed and bright… but on my extended monitor they look the same as how i remember them during post processing.

 As far as blowing them  up I dont think you can on tumblr.  its a way to keep the image from being used by some one else who wishes they werent a fauxtographer hahahahahahahaha I kid I kid

The oriental comment.  I am not japanese but i lived in japan for 6 years.  So… just to let you know… that is an offensive term.  asia is a HUGE area. telling a japanese person they are Oreintal is like me telling them they are no different than a korean chinese (which by the way i was in okinawa so thats even worse)

also… what constetutes as a japanese (im assuming thats what you ment) photo.  I dont see that being in a different location should change the way some one takes a photo.  Thats like saying the Japanese shoot differently.  They dont. 

or are you saying that i should have taken more shots of japanese structures..

well believe it or not… the okinawas dont like to be percieved as japanese … and are a completely different culture… (compare them to local hawaiians vs Americans) 

The land scape of the tropical island of japan was pretty nice… but its mostly beaches and jungle… there is no large open areas… its pretty crammed on the island… but… here are a few shots from there


so… thanks for the critique… or lack there of… but i just realized… you said you didnt delve to far back…. eh… you went a couple of pages … so thats enough for me to know you werent disgusted right off the bat hahahahahahahahaha

oh… and just curious… can i see what work you have online WCS

Cameraclicker… do you do much post editing? I looked threw a few of your shots… and it all looks raw… i like some of it but i think other shots could use a bit of contrast or some slight color tweaking… only commenting.  also… how was niagra… i need to make a trip there… only 6 hour drive from me i believe