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Are you selling your work and billing yourself as a professional photographer? No? Then you aren’t a fauxtographer.


…that just because you have a dslr. .. doesn’t mean you needed that dslr

My last job required that, in addition to larger resolution images,  I shoot panoramics of the location with my iphone.

For reproduction purposes, you should be shooting at least DSLR. There are issues with bit depth, color, resolution and other quality that need to be considered. But not every DSLR is good enough. Most of my studio work is shot medium format – usually Hassleblad with a Phase One or Leaf Digital Back. Anything on location where I need to move around is shot 35mm DSLR – Canon 5D Mark II or Mark III. Magazines typically won’t accept anything less than a 7D. I don’t think that Getty or Corbis accepts anything less than 7D. Although that might have changed since Getty started working with Flickr.

I used to travel with 3 pentax bodies, 5 pentax lenses, and 1 Contax 645 with 2 contax lenses, and about 100 rolls of film. So life is much easier now.

You should, at the very least, understand the limitations of whatever medium you are using and realize why there is an industry standard.