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Worst Case Scenario

I have 30 years experience working with colour, processing and printing film and e6 and working in CMYK for print output. I started out on Photoshop 2 and have a fully calibrated computer set up. Even on my laptop I can tell a badly exposed image, but as I’m having a day off I thought I’d give you the benefit of the doubt and tell you that I’m only on a laptop. ( albeit a top of the range Macbook pro). As everyone else has already said the same thing I think I’m safe in saying this before I get to work tomorrow.

Your images are DULL. Both in exposure and content. Your panoramas are so wide that you can’t see any details so they look like they could have been taken anywhere. Hence the not very oriental comment. I only delved back into you site two pages because the videos were taking so long to load that I couldn’t be bothered to wait. It looked to me like a petrol heads site with a couple of snapshots of views.

If you are not charging for your photos, then you are not a faux. But based on what I can see, you certainly should not be teaching photography.