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Niagara is about two hours by car, if traffic is good.  If it is a six hour drive for you, plan to stay near the falls and bring a tripod.  They light the falls at night.  We took a couple, from Calgary, to the falls for the afternoon.  We had to have them back in Toronto for dinner at 8:30, so we were back in the car at 5:30.  We stopped at Inniskillin Wines on the way back which turned out to be the highlight of the trip for them.  There are too many photos in that gallery but they are all there just for that couple to see and the server has lots of space.

Most shots are just converted from raw; white and black points might get set and a little extra contrast added before resizing and some sharpening.   Most only get a minute of post processing.   Exceptions were the ends of tunnels with water dripping down.  Those were double converted from the raw files and layered together because the water was six or seven stops brighter than the walls.  The signs are all along the tunnels and were shot with just the tunnel lighting (with me trying to stand so as to block out hot spots) then adjusted to make the printing white.  They were mostly around 1/60th, at f/2.8 with ISO 10,000 — which would be a challenge with a lot of cameras.