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You are not a fauxtographer in the sense that you are not in business charging for your services, and you are not a portrait/family/event tog, which is the genre that is usually discussed here.  You would never be featured here mostly due to the lack of horrendous editing and/or humorous, or interesting content/subject matter.  Is this a compliment?  sure, but…
I’m not getting much of anything from your photography.  All I see are mediocre snap shots, which is fine.  You are a hobbyist and obviously enjoying what you do, and I encourage that way of thinking, and I’m really glad you are here instead of on a Facebook business page 😉
There is a serious lack of consistency going on.  Your exposures, colors, comps are all over the place.  Almost as though you are taking a hundred snaps and just choosing a handful each session at random to show.  Yes, you mostly underexpose, but not enough to say “it’s the way I prefer”.  Looks more like mistakes to me.
Do you ever finish/print your work?  If not, maybe that’s the next step.  By regularly finishing, you’ll learn more about what works and what doesn’t and it may just improve the way you shoot.

Teaching?!?!  You asked for my opinion and here it is:  You have no business teaching anyone about photography, especially online given your communication skills.  It would be a huge disservice to them, and to your own photography. NO you do not SUCK!  and that is not what I am trying to say.  I’m with you that more people need to allow themselves to be amateurs and just because they have a camera they are all that and a bag of chips, and need to go out there and try to make some money with it, without even first taking a good look at their camera manuals. And I get that you want to do something to help, but… I don’t think this is the way to go about it.   I think you should instead, slow down and take the time and effort to improve your photography, instead of trying to improve others that shoot bellow your very remedial skill level.  Teach more by example.  Until then, this is a great place to vent about how you feel about things, and I hope you stick around and start giving your 2 cents.

Just on a side note: My photography has won awards, and comps, and has been blogged and whatnot, but I am not an award winning photographer by any stretch of the imagination lol.  I know just enough about photography that I know that I cannot in good conscience teach, or sell my photography services to the public.  Humble pie anyone?  I’ll share a slice with you.