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@ Browneyedgirl89  My sister-in-law has an older 5D and had the same issue about random focusing.  One would be tack sharp and the next not so much.

I looked at her camera and everything seemed to be fine, well in working order anyway, so I re-installed her firmware and the problem was fixed.  Not sure if this would be the same result as yours, but definitely worth the effort, especially if you haven’t updated the firmware in a while.

Did the same for her 1D Mk III and it seemed to “fix” some issues that she said she was having.

We also tried swapping my lenses on her camera body in a process of elimination, trying to find the common element in what was causing the issue.  If you have a Canon buddy who has some lenses to try,or a nice camera shop that will let you try out their lenses, this might help out.

The 5D MkIII is nice, I like it, wish I had one as well.  I have the Version 1 of the 24-70 but haven’t tried out the Version 2, would like to see the improvements they have made to it.

The wedding photos look nice, I like the perspective and the overall feel of them.

Hope your camera comes back better then it was.  Good Luck!