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Thanks, right now luck is all I need until I can afford a new camera. I have to remember I used to shoot portrait sessions with my other bodies (T2i and 40D) but now that I’ve been doing higher-end and higher-priced stuff I feel like that gear doesn’t bring the same level of quality that I’m expected to produce. The 40D is decent, but the amount of megapixels can affect if someone wants a very large print, and the LCD screen is just not clear and sharp therefore I’m unable to properly check that my focus is spot-on when I do my quick reviews. Plus neither really perform well over ISO 400. I can easily shoot at 1600 or 2000 with the 5DII, and I pushed it to 5000 for a few shots with the 5DIII (the black and white of the bride touching up her lipstick was at 5000, while there is noticeable grain, it’s still pretty nice.) I definitely will not be scheduling any weddings of my own until I upgrade. Only 2nd shooting where I use their camera. I am 2nd shooting on Saturday and will be using a 6D for the first time ever, and I’m not too worried about getting accustomed to it since I’m a super quick learner when it comes to cameras. The first time I 2nd shot I was handed a 5DII the day before, having previously only shot with the T2i and 40D!

There comes a point when gear really makes or breaks the photographer. A good photographer (which I like to think I am one…) will be hindered when the gear is not working properly or not the best gear. Of course on the same note awesome gear isn’t going to help make a bad photographer good.