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Some of your pictures are not bad.

Composition in most pictures are real good (IMO).   Lighting and white balance you need to work on. Stop over-editing.  You’re over-doing it with the contrast on some pics.  Some of your subjects look yellow/orange.  Some pics have harsh shadows.  I’m going to point out a couple of images that I thought stood out to me as having a lot of potential and give you an example of something that you can work on

My favorite picture is:


Lighting is nice (a little tiny bit off but not bad at all), and the model is not half-bad to look at even though he looks a little bored.  My only real complaint is his skin tone.  It looks unnatural and orange.  If you shot this in RAW, you can still fix this and get a nice color.  Online there are plenty of resources and you can read up on white balance.

My second favorite:


Beautiful subject.  I love her tattoos, her dress, her make-up, her hair… she is super cute.  Location is nice.  I would just say that taking a shot of a model from below can be a little unflattering (can create a double chin, for instance).

You’ve got a lot of nice portraits but like I said, some things can be worked on.

BTW, I am not a seasoned professional or anything.  I’m just passing on to you things that I’ve learned along the way.   I  did a photoshoot (of someone who couldn’t afford a photographer so made me take pictures of them instead in exchange for some of their mother’s cooking) and I overdid the tilt thing… I think 8 out of 10 shots were tilted because I thought tilted shots were “professional looking” lol.     I’m sure some real photographers may be able to give you better critique.