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I located a “like” page. . .

It’s not updated with his “new & improved” (LOL) stuff as much as his actual fb page. but here it is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alternative-Photography/194260560605955?sk=photos_albums#!/pages/Alternative-Photography/194260560605955

I had a wix site once too. It was terrible. the mobile version never loaded EVER after spending all that time constructing it from scratch. ugh. I just said forget it. lol. deleted the whole thing.


AGREED when it comes to the selective color thing. When i see people complementing other fauxtogs work on selective coloring and other fauxtogs like omg i’ve been trying to do this?!…… no please just stop. I can’t handle it hahaha. why is that entire baby grey and her “fairy wings” are pink? overly saturated pink at that….. i dont understand.

Yes in the beginning i was a victim to selective coloring. on my cell i loved playing with the apps. and a couple of clients have begged and pleaded me to selective color some of their images… but now I dont let them bully me lol. just no.