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As females, we have an advantage if we would want to do nudes or boudoir, naturally I think women would be more comfortable. It’s not something I really want to do right now either. At least not nudes. Boudoir I might think about doing but I prefer more tame modelish stuff.

I just get wary when I hear of these young women around my age going to get photos done by some guy for their “modeling portfolio” because most of it turns out raunchy.

I know this guy kind of, according to people who really know him he “comes off creepy” but totally is not. He is supposedly a professional photographer, he has some really good work, and then some really bad work or bad editing on good photos. He does girls’ makeup and hair for their photo shoots. He claims he used to live in FL and shoot lots of top-notch models, and has an album on FB of his Florida models, but they are small sized images and totally inconsistent with a lot of his other work, I have doubts he really did… but I don’t know for sure.

Here are some of his shots:







Totally inconsistent, right?