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you get my first post! You lucky duck! My goal here is not to say whether or not you’re a photographer or not, but to provide some constructive cricisim on what I think works and what doesn’t.

The first album – I would cut out some of the detail shots. I only need to see the building once. Same with rings, dress, etc. The detail shots are nice, but in a portfolio, to show you can photograph people too, I’d make them the people the majority. Also, I am not sure the lens you used at this wedding, but I imagine it’s a wide angle. With a wide angle lens, the closest part to the lens is what looks biggest. In the shot of the couple at the altar, the woman’s mid section and upper arm fall in the middle, and are therefore magnified, and those areas on her are already quite unflattering. In a situation where a bride or groom is bigger, I’d avoid shooting from the ground up, as their ass always look HUGE. And lastly, don’t repost pictures you’ve already posted – if you have one in colour and one black & white, pick the one you like best, but not both (same goes for cropping). It tends to give the impression that you didn’t have many shots to work with.

IN the second one, the colours are for the most part lovely. Watch that some of the images are a little under exposed. In one image, the boy moves his hand, and you can see the camera blur. Try to speed up the SS. OVerall, I like this album.

Your macro album (the 3rd) is good. Some of the images lack impact, so really try to take those pictures with more of a purpose in mind. Personally, I HATE selective colour, and nothing screams “FAUXTOGRAPHER” more than that. Cut it out. Your images should stand on their own without effects. Try different angles with macro – straight on rarely gives the impact you need to make a successful macro shot. Get rid of duplicate shots edited differently.

Fireworks album is good, but I don’t consider it part of your portrait portfolio, as there are no people.

Your landscapes show a lot of potential. One I think you added lens flare, which doesn’t improve the photo, and again, I see the same photo edited twice – pick your favourite, drop the others. THe pictures of *just* the clouds lackdimension and subject matter, and I don’t like those.

Hope that helps!