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Thanks everyone for the critique.  Wow you guys are rough.  I do agree with most of what your saying though.  I have really been down in the dumps today after reading all this.  Thank God I only charged them $175, and I do know the couple.  Ill never do a wedding again.  Ill stick with my Nature Photography.  And I didn’t really give you a good look at the Nature Photos.  Here is a link to my etsy shop with my photos.  Im only giving you this link because I dont have all my photography on FB or together anywhere else.


You guys had plenty of negative things to say, can I hear some good?? Or what I need to  work on.  Please critique the nature photos.  Thank you.


Thanks Heather Conway and Karyn Lee.  Thanks to the others too……







Once again PLEASE BE GENTLE.  Tell me what you like what you dont like