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I’m with click it all the way

I would take the time to do a serious critique, but honestly I was turned off by the fact that she has already shot 2 weddings and also by the fact that she calls herself a nature photographer. She’s a beginner, a novice, there’s no genre or expertise/specailty yet. She’s just a girl with a camera who doesn’t take learning photography seriously. You can tell by her shots. She knows nothing about lighting, settings, composition etc and there is no progression in her shots to be seen.  there’s nothing at all wrong with that, millions of people have cameras and shoot the same way, but there is something wrong when you skip learning and jump into a profession you know nothing about. It just rubs me wrong.  If that makes me a “high horse” photographer in your eyes so be it, but it’s how I feel.  But there is no way I would put on a pro hat while in the skill level I am and it irks me when others do it without even  a blink of concern.