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Looking at the wedding shots, I could instantly tell you were using a low end DSLR and kit lens.  It was painfully obvious on all indoor shots and the shots during the ceremony that you didn’t have a clue how to get good shots in low light situations.  When people shoot weddings with the absolute bare minimum of equipment, I feel terrible for the couple.  You need to practice shooting portraits and shooting in low light settings.  You also need to know your camera like the back of your hand and at least buy the essential lenses for shooting a wedding.  I Shoot with a Nikon D90 and can get very usable shots at iso 1600 and usable shots at iso 3200.  I judge this by blowing the pictures up to 24×36.

The BARE minimum equipment for a wedding(my opinion)

2 camera bodies

a decent lens in the 18-70 range

50mm 1.8 or 85mm 1.8

70-200mm 2.8 (must have)

external flash


p.s. I really hope you got a shot of the bride walking down the isle.  I will be even more disgusted if you didn’t.