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If that’s real lens flare, then well done!

By “standard lens” what do you mean? I am guessing the 18-55 kit lens that seems to come with a lot of cameras. That would be considered wide angle.

A proper logo can be done a few ways – contact a logo designer in your area, and see if that fits your budget. If you look on etsy, there are some out of the box logos you can use that would be more professional, and they just slap your name in it in a nice font (those are usually around $75). If you’re having a custom logo made, expect to pay between $300 – $500 for a mid-range service (that’s about what I charge to do it, they almost always fall in that range, and I am considered mid-level in my area). There are cheaper, but like photography, you get what you pay for. Keep in mind, it’s an investment and a good logo is important because it’s how people remember you. It’s gotta be good.