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Sorry — didn’t mean to confuse. I guess I should have clarified a bit before just posting a link.

I was well on my way to becoming a fauxtographer — that I promise you before about a year ago when a friend who is a very good photographer and a very good friend told me that I needed to slow down and learn the basics before I ever charged for anything. So the site was the old photography business site BUT now I use it more to get critiques from friends. Notice that nothing has been posted on any of the sites for a very long time. I haven’t taken them down and really haven’t done anything as a business since that long heart to heart. Now I am considering moving forward to actually taking the business path but want to be sure that I am producing at a professional quality — thus the asking for critiques. If so — then I’ll push forward. If not, then I’ll take any advice people are willing to give, get classes, read books, and move forward when I am ready.