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“suspicious”?!  of what exactly? NO, but curious.

Usually people only show current and/or best work when asking for critique.  That’s all, nothing more.

You really should think about what Camera Clicker suggested, and open up a flickr or something similar.  You could get some really helpful input that way, on photos you are currently working on,  have a place to direct people who are interested, or at the very least a place to organize and view your best pictures.  An account like flickr or what not can actually help you cull and edit your images down, figure out what works and what doesn’t and help you with the whole portfolio process.  Whatever you do, don’t give up if you really want to get good at photography.  Keep shooting and shooting, and shooting some more.  Don’t let that camera collect dust.  A year is WAY too long not to share 🙂 Good luck to you