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I claim what I make . I have a back up camera.. and a back up computer, and I save originals to external hard drvies after sessions and loading them on m y computer… we also rent a space for me to process out of and store props and lights because our house is small. I do NOT have employees but I do have an assistant (my sister) who I pay to come to newborn sessions as a poser and spotter…


I have a Nikon D50 and a Nikon D90 and I use primarily a 50mm 1.8 and my 18-200 VR… I just ordered a 35mm 1.8 and am sooo excited for it to arrive.
My husband makes enough money that I don’t have to work.. but I enjoy it.. so getting rich, or under cutting other photographers has never been my goal.. I am not trying to take anyone elses clients, I work for the same people most of the time, and do not think my time and work is of no value.

I very very very much would like to start printing for my clients… I have always wanted to offer the disc, but because I am learning the importance of printing and have learned so so many people never print their images!.. I always figured people printed… but so many just keep the disc and the thought of images never being printed does break my heart… I would like to start including a disc after prints have been purchased.. the reason I have not yet is because we live an hour from the nearest city… or any printer!.. and with three young kids, and no real organised set up I just didn’t feel ready to do it yet… I dont have the time.. but I agree its important and like I said I do hope I can build up and when my kids are in school work full time… and really make all this legit…

I really do appreciate everything you said… you were very upfront and polite about it and I thank you for that!! You reaffirmed a lot of things I was already feeling…

I have been intending to slow down.. but not quit… but I really do want to improve and I do NOT want to be a fauxtog!

I do welcome advice on both business and my images. 🙂 I do like my work, and I do not agree that every photograph needs to be technically perfect.. I do work a lot by feelings and how an image touches a person too… but I want to improve in all aspects if I can. 🙂

I do hire other photographers, and I do always buy the digital copies and print for myself.. but I understand what you mean.. I realize now not everyone realizes the importance of proffesional printing and not just leaving pictures on disc.. I do take my work seriously … I agree I learn a lot more about my camera.. and I do love experimenting and I get what you mean about pressure and stress..