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I have to ask exactly what do you mean “Every time I try and stop I miss it so much”?

Every time you stop shooting?  Why do you stop?  Dont ever stop if it’s what you love to do.

or do you mean stop being in business?

If the latter, what do you miss?  Most photogs actually shoot and learn more when they aren’t in business, so I’m a little confused.”


If I did all sessions for free.. I would not have had the money for daycare (so I could both shoot.. and process) .. or the equipment I was using.. 😉 .. so I was mostly unable to shoot during those times.. unless it was my own kids…. and I have learned a LOT just doing my own kids.. 🙂

I try to be fair about what I charge.. so I am making enough to cover daycare, equipment, props and such… and some groceries… 🙂