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I still give a disc with sessions… I charge between 100 and 250 depending on the job and if I am traveling.. I work in a small town between two cities and most of what I do is here..
I do not consider other photographers competition and I don’t want other photographers to hear about me and think I am trying to undersell them if they see my prices, but I don’t want to charge too much for a few reasons.. I cater to small and new families.. and I have never been to school. I’m self taught. I’d like someones opinion on if that makes sense?

I LOVE looking at other peoples work.. I do not want my work to look the exact same as anyone elses but I have never been terribly concerned with making mine stand out.. I just work on each picture as its own… I don’t wanna be a fauxtog! I think my images will stand the test of time.. I’d be sad to hear they won’t.