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“I’m willing to be judged by posterity, it’s not important what people think now.”

I loved this and I thank you so much.


🙂 I think what I give the familes I work for is memories… a lot of the young and new families I work for would otherwise not get a photographer at all. I know my work is not all 100 percent technically perfect.. BUT my clients are happy, and on the occasions that I am not happy.. I reshoot for them. I probably shoot at least half what I do for free… for close family and friends and a very very high majority of people I photograph, I have been for years… a couple of them have tried other photographers in between, when I have been on maternity leave.. busy.. or simply because they liked that persons style and wanted to go that direction… and almost all of them I have photographed more since trying someone else.. .and it does not bother me AT ALL if someone wanted to go with another person… It just doesn’t.. I am not doing this because I think I am the best.. or because I want to get rich, I do it because I love it, and because I know the person I am working for appreciates it, and will for years to come.

I think I am pretty good at what I do.. especially for being self taught, but I know I can get better. I know I need to clean up my portfolio.. and when I look at an image and think.. oooooh she’ll love it!!.. but my focus is slightly off.. I should hold back from publically posting… you have said a pro would NEVER show someone an unperfect image.. well then I am not sure I want to be that kind of pro…. I am a mom and if someone took an image of my kids.. perfect or not.. I would want it… and I know my clients do  too.. the ones that are going for the BEST of the best out there would most likely go someowhere else? I would like to be considered one of the best one day sure.. but not by compromising what I love or what makes me happy.. and I am happy to provide memories.. right now at least.. I do cringe sometimes when I see my old work and know how much better it could have been so I do what to improve and become more consistant…

Its been said on here I just shoot and hope something turns out.. I don’t do that.. maybe I did at the start.. but for the last couple years for sure, I shoot 100 percent manual… I decide what I want to do.. I see it in my head.. I choose light that catches my eye.. I choose ISO, aprature, and shutter speed and I use my focal points.. 99 percent of the time I know how I want to process the image as soon as I am taking it.. and when I get a great straight out of camera image… I still want to process it.. because thats what I do… I do not intend to ever try and fit a certain mould.. I not trying to be innovative or unique or an artist just for praise.. I do what I enjoy doing and what makes me smile and so far for quite a few years.. my clients are happy.. they keep coming back.. and that leaves me proud and fullfilled and I do not think I am giving the crap, in any sense of the word.

Thank you so much for the suggestions, and I will for sure look into each and every one that I beleive applys to me! 🙂