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Well, then, Megan, I will refer you to Dr. Richard Zakia (probably the greatest photography instructor who ever lived). Google him (he died last March and has left a huge void).  He has greatly inspired many on photographic perceptions. Pick up a copy of one of his perception and imaging books. I can almost guarantee it will change the way you shoot. It will change the whole way you see photographs. It will open a new world to your artistic vision.

But to be fair, professional photo critiquing requires criteria — standard criteria — which we are not given in YANAP. One cannot truly and professionally critique a photograph (note: “a photograph” not, “my gallery”) fairly without that criteria.

And since have no criteria, and we have an impossibly huge set of variables (many photos, many subjects, many circumstances, etc.). That’s why I always try to narrow my comments to one or two specific photographs.

Imagine if the only criteria here on YANAP was blurriness/focus. Ranked on a scale from 1-10, I think you would get a perfect 10. But to single out that criteria leaves infinite other photo qualities unremarkable. AND, one could also go opposite and set a criteria for “creative use of bokeh,” which would be ranking on the effectiveness of intentional blurriness. So you see — this isn’t an excuse, either, but a concern for all these forum critiques.

Maybe we should set some specific criteria here. Eh? YANAP?

All that said, if you still like your composition — then I refer you to Frederick Remington who said, “I’m willing to be judged by posterity, it’s not important what people think now.”