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very off and inconsistent editing CHECK

Over use of “creative tilt”  CHECK

Lack of consistent quality in images CHECK

Leaves the client to print themselves CHECK

Charges people for professional services while learning the basics CHECK

You meet a lot of my criteria for being a faux, BUT I do think you are very creative, and have great potential, with a little guidance, more understanding, and more effort on your part, you could easily lose the faux label.  There are lots of shots that work in your portfolio, they’re just kinda lost among it all

Bad, inconsistent editing is not a photography style, and it’s not your “style” that bothers me.  It’s the inconsistency in quality both with editing and with your camera work.  It’s almost as though your clients are playing a lotto, never knowing what they might get.  Some images the people are grey, some yellow, then along comes green or pink…. some are focused well some arent, some are composed very well, some dont work at all….

Editing:  I could be wrong, but I think this is because you use actions, instead of learning good editing techniques and actually creating the vision your mind’s eye sees by individually tweeking and editing by hand, like custom portrait artists usually do.  If I had to guess, I would guess you are using florabella actions.  But again, I am not completely certain on this, I just know the strange editing looks very very familiar and they are used by a LOT of people.

I think I get what you are trying to achieve when you edit, and I’m going to link to a pro photographer that might help inspire you(she’s not my cup of tea at all, but I just felt that her work might speak to you)


Notice how even though she “over edits”, there is consistency, and each shot is also able to stand alone? Notice too how skin tones are handled, and that only good, well executed, properly focused, properly composed, technically correct shots are used (minus a handful of artsy extreme sunflares here and there.  I personally love them, but I know they aren’t considered technically sound)

In no way am I saying you have to be completely perfect before you charge (Geeeze!  No one would ever make it!), but your work should be consistent.  There is no way to achieve that without knowing the basics and getting good SOOC shots, or by using another artist’s actions


I have to ask exactly what do you mean “Every time I try and stop I miss it so much”?

Every time you stop shooting?  Why do you stop?  Dont ever stop if it’s what you love to do.

or do you mean stop being in business?

If the latter, what do you miss?  Most photogs actually shoot and learn more when they aren’t in business, so I’m a little confused.