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”A professional photographer doesn’t need to edit their images to sell them to the client, and if they do edit them, it takes less time than it did to shoot them. If you are spending more than an hour editing a 1 hour shoot, you’re a fauxtog. (It should be closer to 30 minutes, this rule does not apply to commercial clients.)”


I do appreciate the art.. and I refer to myself as an artist because I have drawn and painted my entire life and this was just another branch of that.. I do not because of the ‘praise’

This is what confuses me… I am not trying to fit a certain mould.. I enjoy processing and am NOT aiming for straight out of the camera images everytime… there are a million other pro’s who do that… why do I have to be the same? I am offering something else.. its not the same, and it may not be for you, but I assure you.. its for a lot of people.. and they are happy.