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wow, so you guys think i go bad cop when someone disagrees? I disagree with that assessment. I think I go bad cop when people get defensive and make excuses for poor work.

I am not a fashion photographer per se, but I spent most of my assisting career in fashion so I’ve had a lot of exposure to the world. I don’t care for it personally as a career choice, but I have a big appreciation for it.

That said, I think your work is interesting. It’s a little Bill Cunningham at times. A little Terry Richardson at other times. However, I see some issues. First off there is no real cohesion. It looks like you are testing, so that makes sense. Most editorial fashion photographers work in stories. So the develop a concept loosely based around a theme and shoot a series of images that somehow tie in together. It’s a great way to build a body of work that shows your caliber. I’d suggest doing that next time. This is more like headshot testing. Ultimately, what I am saying is that you need to shoot more.

Natasha is a good example of this as you have two shots of her and both are miles apart. I think you should have built uponthe concept of the first shot.

Melanie – nice shot. cropped a little too tight, the people are a tad distracting. A little more DOF.

Amy – good shot. probably my second favorite next to the b&w of natasha

Gaby – not good. I don’t like the model, the light is not good. But I do like the background.

Vanessa – not the greatest portrait – just ok.

last Vanessa – i think you should steer away from doing selective color. You are too good for that. Lingerie shots need some work. Posing isn’t great in the second one. The stop sign is distracting. I think you should lose the logo/watermark. Boyfriend shirt shot could be way sexier. It’s a little blah as it is.

As per the note about how your wife is getting credit. That is fine if you prefer, but if you are composing the shots and directing the model then you really are the photographer. I’ve worked with photographers where I do all the camera work but they still get all the credit.

Anyways, I need to see more in order to get a better idea. Keep shooting!