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@Rkerr – I’m glad that you are not offended, most people offer images or site for criticism and leave all offended when someone says anything negative about them. At first glance your photos are really nice, it’s just when you dissect the images you find some things here and there. Some things pop out right away, some don’t.
You are a better person for offering your work for critique and finding out how it fares. We are here to help you progress as a person and a photographer.

Just a FYI, the crop sensor really has nothing to do with the DOF, I provided some examples. I’ll try to embed them, if that doesn’t work, the links will.

The 1st image is shot with a full-frame camera with a 50mm f/1.2 ISO 800 @ 1/200″
The 2nd image is the same shot but with a crop-sensor. The DOFis the same for both, but the focal length is different. The full frame is a true 50mm while the crop sensor is more like 80mm due to the focal length multiplier of 1.6.