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Fashion is not really my thing either …

However, fashion is about highlighting the fashion.  Looking at the Melanie Crisp photo, I see a tall chick shot right at crotch level.  And, I’m left wondering if LB Burgers are any good.

Amy Peachy looks like two of the same shot?  Crotch shot, at that!  And the mannequin which is also a little strange.  I’m still not getting the fashion message.

Gabrielle Wainwright, the top one is just bad.  If it is supposed to be a fashion shot, you should be able to see the fashion.  I can barely make out any detail in her outfit.  The lower photo could be cropped to get rid of that lamp and half the boat near it.

Vanessa Nott, reminds me of some of the senior’s photos we have seen, though I could see the middle one in a Sears catalogue.

The top two of Natasha are all just messy hair and freckles!  The bottom one is getting closer to fashion but I think it needs more dress and less foreground grass.  Better contrast would improve the score I give.

Vannessa, has striking eyes in the top one.  I see she is holding a fashion magazine to cover her lower face.  Try a 3 (vertical):2 (horizontal) crop of her on the centre line.  Centre her on the right thirds line.  Bottom photo of top group: try to avoid cutting limbs at joints.  Bottom two photos, I have no idea what you are trying to show, neither strike me as fashion.