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We are Stolk Photography.

Looking at out webstats, I suddenly saw a back link to our site and so I found this forum.

And now I remember your offensive language again.

For all to read: Once we did a model shoot with a few models in a Health clinic. All nice and fine. One of the models of that session told us she wanted to another session with us. All good. We set a date and we had the idea to use water. Our neighbors have a pool which we could use. The model brought her own make-up artist. So, let’s make this clear… her make-up artist applied the make-up she wanted and we were not involved in this. For us, make-up doesn’t really matter. The model indicated that she had this idea but was refused to do such a session with another photographer. We used several props included some glasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, etc. We completed the shoot and a release form was signed. next we processed the images. We gave the model the agreed shots and of course, we own the copyright and are free to do whatever we want. Weeks later you contacted us, calling us names, threaten us with court, demanding we took the images down, etc etc.

Mate, if you would have explained the whole thing in a normal tone, we would have been happy to delete those photos because we have thousands and really don’t need those. But you kept going, threatening and the whole thing became very, very unpleasant and unprofessional.

We were happy it stopped although we did made some legal inquiries ourselves and as other already are telling you: you don’t own the exclusive rights on models with red hear and green lips wearing glasses. You would indeed have no case at all. Again, we followed the models idea and we learned later that she had that idea for a long time but you rejected her.And she is free to run with her idea.

But… here is the thing now. Buy accusing us of plagiarism, you have hurt us and now we will seek legal assistance how to handle your campaign.

For others: feel free to contact us to discuss this issue.